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W e can't solve
               problems by
               using the same
               kind of thinking 
               we used when we 
               created them.

Albert Einstein

LongDog  & Associates is a consulting firm specialising in high-tech industry management strategy and implementation. We are nimble, avoid bureaucracy, and relish working with entrepreneurial spirits. We bring foresight and knowledge, international experience, and pragmatic, practical expertise. 

The companies we work with are daring. They develop innovative business solutions with technological products and services. They operate in high-risk markets and use LongDog's analytical expertise and industry experience to reduce their risk. Our strategic management and marketing skills help our clients improve the efficiency and global impact of their companies, and keeps them focused on their strategic objectives.

We take an integrated approach to building high-performance businesses that can deliver consistent, sustained business results - today and tomorrow.  

As high-tech environment products and services become more indispensable, corporations and consumers rely more than ever on technology to achieve personal and commercial goals. In many cases these products and services are becoming commoditised as lifecycles become shorter and innovation drives rapid change.

The high-tech environment is characterised by a steady stream of new entrants and consolidation of existing players. LongDog & Associates works with clients in this dynamic and challenging, helping them address the challenges and opportunities, and developing business strategies to improve business performance through strategy, marketing and sales management.

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If you're curious about the history of our name, visit this page about the original 'longdog' - Squiggle, the first Canine Associate.

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