Dive on in!

Well, hi there and welcome. My name's Michael Powell, but most people call me Powelly. 

I set up this website because it makes me sad to see so many businesses ignoring the marketing fundamentals, pretending the business world isn't global, or expecting improved results but operating the same way they've always done. I figured that if I built my own website, I could voice my opinions and talk about what I reckon it takes to get a business growing, what marketing really is, how to make sure your business plan actually happens, and what drives customer loyalty. 

You will also see that I’m an avid scuba diver and I've been been privileged to dive many of the great sites here in Australia and around the world. It occurred to me that there are in fact a lot of similarities between diving and business. Take training, for example. One of the key elements of becoming a proficient scuba diver is the quality of the training.  With the right training, equipment, frame of mind and support scuba diving is a safe, exhilarating and fun sport. 

It’s the same with business: it should be fun, rewarding and challenging, but it shouldn’t kill you! Whether you’re diving or running a business, enjoy the journey, try to relax, think, and: plan your work; work your plan! 

What can business learn from scuba diving?

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