Is marketing a science?

Is marketing a science or an art? One definition is "The planning, pricing, packaging, promotion and advertising of any product or service" which certainly makes it sound like a science which resembles order. There are flows, cycles and patterns in marketing, but predicting them is not so easy.

Since science itself is about prediction, and marketing activities can’t necessarily predict the result, then perhaps marketing is an art.

Or perhaps it’s a bit a both. I believe that acceptance of this ‘middle of the ground’ idea is what makes a good marketer. As consumers we make choices that are often not logical, we select colours based on nothing more than the idea that we ‘like blue’, we choose a vendor simply because we ‘like the look of the guy’.

Successful marketing of anything, from a flow control monitor to margarine, requires both creativity and careful study. The art of marketing needs both creativity of ideas and science in the detail. Gut feel and statistics.

Marketing is an artistic science.

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