About Michael Powell

Living life on a high!

I graduated in Chemistry from RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. With my technical background and fervor for business I enjoyed ‘learning the ropes’ in sales and marketing for industrial and medical products before moving into product and sales management.

I decided that an advanced business degree would give me the skills and additional business knowledge and completed my studies at Monash University Graduate School of Business graduating with an MBA, majoring in marketing and international business.

I also fell in love with all things Japanese and figured that if I learned the language I would be more useful to companies that operated in Japan… and I’d improve my chances of traveling there too. I completed a Graduate Diploma in Japanese for Professionals from Swinburne University of Technology which has been of great value on the dozen or so times that I have been to Japan.

As the 21st century progressed I assumed more senior sales, marketing and business development roles in high tech companies, including stints as global business development manager and general manager of marketing. 

My work experience has seen me manage and develop the growth of a range of high-tech businesses. They include industrial telemetry , automation/control and communications, environmental and pollution monitoring, flexible and fibre packaging systems, supply chain condition monitoring solutions, medical technology, biotechnology and intellectual property and research commercialisation. In short, anywhere products are technical and need to be developed, grown and commercialised around the world is where I operate at my best. 

I’m a keen student, as you might have guessed, and I love learning. In 2009 I took a ‘gap year’ to upgrade my business qualifications and completed a Master of International Business from the University of Melbourne, which has given me new insights into cross cultural management practices, international innovation commercialisation and global corporate governance.

I’m also a keen cook, a lover of fine wine, passionate traveller, avid scuba diver and a keen supporter of the Essendon Football Club. Go the mighty Bombers! 

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